"The Intellect" Unisex Reading Glasses



You will receive 12 pair for the price listed (6 black and 6 tortoise).  Please specify if you would like 1 dozen of the same strength otherwise you will receive a combination of all strengths available.

Available Strengths: +1.0, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.0, +2.5, +2.50, +2.75 and +3.0

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$24.00 per Dozen

    Reading glasses are made primarily for presbyopia which is an age-related eye disease most people experience around 35 to 45 years of age. Presbyopia is caused by a decreased elasticity in the eye's lens, making it more difficult to focus on objects in a close range.

    The Mass Vision "Intellect" are elegant, high-quality unisex reading glasses designed with stylish lightweight & durable frames. The lenses are scratch-impact resistant and ensure superb optical clarity.

    EYE HEALTH - Reading glasses help you preserve your eye health by reducing eye strain, fatigue and helping with Presbyopic.

    Reinforced Spring Hinges for Maximum Flexibility and Comfort.

    Lightweight and Durable.

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