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VertX Sport Sunglasses - 55018




    Sunglasses are NOT an optional piece of gear. When you’re playing in the great outdoors—whether you’re a runner, a skier, a cyclist, a climber or a paddler—consider your shades the most important piece of gear you own. You navigate with your eyes, after all, which means they’re almost always exposed; exposed to harmful UV rays, dust and dirt, not to mention exposed to snow, wind and blowing sand. Getting crud in your eyes can, at the least, hurt your performance and make you uncomfortable and, at worst, end your day. At Mass Vision we are offering assorted color options of performance enhancing VertX sunglasses with sport lenses in each dozen. Each frame is made from lightweight material for maximum comfort. The sunglasses will wrap comfortably around your face to keep the elements out of your eyes but still give you peripheral vision.

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