Police/Sheriff TAC Polarized Sport Wrap Thin Blue Line Sunglasses


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Great for driving, fishing, the beach and all outdoor activities.

Polarized Sport Lens - Enhancing Visual Clarity, Definition & Natural Color.

Hard case and microfiber cleaning cloth included ($10 value)

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    The thin blue line represents our law enforcement officers role of separating the good from the bad in society while maintaining order from lawlessness. The black space on one side of the blue line represents community, order and peace, while the black on the other side serves as crime, anarchy, and chaos.

    Wearing The Thin Blue Line is a matter of principle to show support for the thankless work that law enforcement performs and is often looked upon as a reflection of courage and a tribute to those who have fallen in the line of duty.

    This pair of sunglasses honor those who protect and serve.

    * Glare Eliminating, Polycarbonate Shatterproof TAC Polarized Lenses that Block 100% UVA and UVB Rays for Superior Eye Protection - TAC lenses consist of 7 different layers. The first is a polarizing layer that provides 100% polarization that absorbs glare. The second and third layer create durability that resists harsh environments. The fourth and fifth layers absorb over 99% of UVA and UVB while the last two layers are impact and scratch resistant as well as shatterproof.

    * TR90 Frames with Rubber Coating are Lightweight, Flexible and Durable - An engaging and soft to the touch rubber coating is applied to the frames of our sunglasses in order to maximize your wearing comfort. Enjoy a pressure-free, temperature-resistant protection that will keep your glasses securely in place.

    Features and Benefits

    ✓ Stylish Sport Design
    ✓ Polarized Lens Help Restore True Color
    ✓ Works Good in the Wind and Rain
    ✓ Beneficial for Sports or other Outdoor Activities
    ✓ Polarized Lenses Helps Eliminate Scattered Glare while Providing Crystal Clear HD Vision
    Lens Height37mm
    Lens Width64mm
    Arm Length126mm

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