How to Properly Clean, Protect and Store Your Sunglasses and Reading Glasses

There are some essential dos and don’ts for keeping your sunglasses clean, clear, and in excellent shape. By adhering to a few easy principles, you can safeguard your sunglasses and keep them functional and usable for a very long time.

Read our how-to guide on everyday eyewear care to discover the most effective and highly recommended maintenance techniques. Quite probably, you’ll learn that the approach you’ve been doing things hasn’t been optimal for you or your priceless frames and lenses; nonetheless, it’s not too late to make changes. Our complete guide to cleaning sunglasses begins here…

Best Method for Cleaning Sunglasses

There is already material on our website detailing the best methods for cleaning sunglasses. In this piece, we’ll transform these facts into a how-to list that will make them even more useful — a checklist that explains how to clean and maintain your sunglasses’ lenses.

Make Certain You:

DO clean your lenses everyday; it only takes a moment to wash your lenses before putting them on, so put this helpful suggestion into practice and make it a habit.

DO blow off any debris, dust, granules, or grime before doing this routine cleansing – there is a chance that these bigger particles might roll over the surface of your lenses, damaging them in the process, so be sure to remove them.

DO ensure that you gently wash your lenses; take your time, don’t rush, and ensure that you reach every nook and cranny.

DO use a microfiber towel or a very soft cloth to wipe your lenses; the bag that comes with your sunglasses (or the one we provide) will also suffice.

DON’T use paper towel or tissues to clean your sunglasses, regardless of how soft they may feel. These materials are really rather rough, with numerous abrasive fibers and, in many cases, lint, which may harm your lenses.

DO NOT wipe your lenses with your pants, shorts, or other articles of clothing; they are not appropriate cleaning tools and might create scratches.

According to experts, the ideal method for cleaning sunglasses is to use warm, soapy water on both the lenses and the frames. We recommend that you carefully rub your lenses under running water.

DO NOT use dish detergent that contains moisturizer. Check the container or box for the ingredients, and if there is any uncertainty, do not use it. Soaps and liquids that include moisturizer can coat the lenses, causing them to attract even more tenacious dirt and filth.

DON’T use alcohol wipes to clean your glasses; the chemicals in these wipes may ruin your frames and any sensitive lens coatings.

When cleaning your sunglasses, DO grasp them by the temples and use a strong grip.

DO wash your hands – cleaning and drying your hands before to handling your sunglasses decreases the likelihood that you may transfer oil, grime, or grease to them during the handling procedure. However, if you are pressed for time, ensure that your hands seem clean and, most importantly, are dry.

DO use a soft bristle brush, such as a baby’s toothbrush, to clean the nose pads and rims, since dirt can collect here as well, but avoid brushing the lenses when getting into these nooks. You may also use water and mild, non-moisturizing soap to clean your frames.

USE NOTHING ELSE TO CLEAN SUNGLASSES – there is a plethora of internet advice on how to clean sunglasses, but we promise you that the majority of it is incorrect.

Can Scratches on Sunglasses be Removed?

Simply put, the answer to this question is NO; it is impossible to remove scratches off sunglasses. We’ve previously written on the numerous fallacies surrounding scratches and the home treatments advocated for removing them, including toothpaste, auto wax, and sandpaper (yes, sandpaper – you read that right). We repeat: none of these treatments are effective.

Therefore, in our professional view, the best “repair” is to replace the lenses in your frames, which we can accomplish quickly and easily at Sunglass Fix. We provide over 300,000 replacement sunglass lenses, and if you can’t locate your brand and model, we also offer a low-cost bespoke custom-cutting service. Our lenses are created from the finest grade of optical polyamide, which is one of the hardest materials currently manufactured while maintaining the amazing, crystal-clear clarity of the clearest glass.

Methods to Safeguard Your Sunglasses

Prevention is typically the most effective method for keeping your sunglasses in pristine condition. There are various precautions you may take to prevent or reduce the likelihood of scratches or damage to your sunglasses. Remember that “scratch resistant” is not the same as “scratch-proof” — no pair of sunglasses, no matter where they are in the world, is completely immune to the risk of damage. And so:

Keep your sunglasses in their original case or bag. Typically, the case will fit your sunglasses properly, making it the finest location to store them.

DO acquire a replacement pouch if yours is lost or broken; we consider this to be an important accessory for sunglasses. A microfiber pouch is an absolute must, since it protects your frames and serves as a cleaning cloth for your lenses. Again, if yours is missing, or if, like with second-hand sunglasses, you have never owned one, you should consider getting our superior microfiber storage bag. It has a double drawstring clasp to keep your sunglasses extra secure and is large enough to accommodate virtually any brand or style of sunglasses.

DO place your eyeglasses in their case or pouch anytime they are not being worn; this is an excellent habit to form whenever the pair is not being worn.

DO set your sunglasses on a surface with care, ensuring that the lenses face upright and are not in touch with the surface, which might create scratches.

Check to Determine Whether this Surface is Also Dry and Clean.

DO certain that the arms of your sunglasses are fully extended when you set them down; this will maximize their stability.

CHECK THE SCREWS IN YOUR SUNGLASSES ON A REGULAR BASIS, USING AN OPTICAL SCREWDRIVER, AND CHECK THAT THE ARMS OF YOUR SUNGLASSES OPEN EASILY BUT DO NOT FALL APART UNDER THEIR OWN WEIGHT. A few seconds of testing may save you a great deal of trouble and money if your sunglasses slide off your face at an inappropriate time, as well as a certain scratch or even breakage catastrophe.

DO periodically inspect the interior of your glasses case to ensure that it, too, is clear of dust and grime; if you find any, wash or wipe it clean.

Clean, Safeguard, and Prolong the Life of Your Eyewear.

As we have shown, good sunglasses maintenance is rather simple, inexpensive, and ultimately highly beneficial. Follow the aforementioned maintenance instructions to maintain your expensive sunglasses in pristine condition. Sunglasses may be one of the most costly purchases we make on a daily basis, and for the majority of individuals, they’re selected for their design and brand, making them a fashion item that conveys something about you. We all adore our sunglasses; thus, take care of them! Your future self, as well as your favorite pair of sunglasses, will be grateful.

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