If you have difficulty seeing objects that are close as well as objects that are far, bifocal glasses may be the perfect solution. At Mass Vision we are offering 3 pair of bifocal sunglasses with soft pouches included for only $20.00!
Even with the rising cases of skin cancer today, there’s one thing that’s often forgotten. UV Rays can also permanently damage (and even “sunburn”) your eyes.

Choosing Wholesale Sunglasses

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Wholesale sunglasses offer retailers the lowest purchase price. Prior to choosing sunglasses from a wholesaler, you should do your research to make sure you are purchasing the most up to date highest quality sunglasses at the right prices.

Buying Bulk Sunglasses

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There are numerous advantages when sunglasses are purchased in bulk - these advantages are for the retailers and additionally for the consumers.
Here are three worthwhile sunglasses trends for 2015, all of which are likely to have lasting staying power.

Sunglasses for Golf

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The most important feature is enhanced contrast that will facilitate ball-tracking over the long distances involved as well as green-reading. Lenses that adjust to ambient light are the better choice over all-over dark shades in this respect.
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