Sunglasses are important accessories, providing the first glance into a person’s sense of fashion and style. They can make or break that all important first impression.

Sunglasses for the Baby Boomer

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Sunglasses for older adults however are not just fashion accessories. As men and women age, it becomes increasingly important to wear protective eyewear, rain or shine.

Aviator Sunglasses

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The Aviator sunglass style gets its name from those who they were originally designed for – military pilots, or “aviators”.
Your little ones effortlessly rock the fashion block when they sport a cute pair of shades, but there are medical reasons they should wear sunglasses, too.
Even though the sun’s heat is less intense you are still at risk for cornea damage and skin cancer on the thin, delicate skin around your eye during the winter months.
When choosing sunglasses to wear behind the wheel, safety is the most important factor.
While this face shape stands out on its own, accentuating it with the right pair of sunglasses will make it even more attractive.
All sunglasses, especially well-made ones, reduce the glare of the sun by half. That’s a given. So what makes owning polarized sunglasses much better?
Would it surprise you to hear that most of your favorite designer sunglasses are actually all made by the same company? It's true.

A breakdown of Sunglasses Parts

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Each individual piece on a pair of sunglasses has a name and it can be helpful to know for sunglass shopping, and crucial to know for sunglass selling.