The Danger of Blue Light

The Danger of Blue Light
A recent study from the University of Basel confirmed that sunglasses reduce exposure to so-called "blue light" from electronic screens. That study focused on how blue light from Light-emitting diode (LED) screens affects the sleep cycle through disruption of circadian rhythms.
Sleep is considered one of the most important aspects of human health, up there with diet and exercise. The number of hours dedicated to sleep may not be as important as the quality of sleep which is also affected by blue light. As our jobs, social lives and leisure become more integrated with the internet, deciding between your normal sleep cycle and your digital life is an impossible choice.
Sunglasses, particularly new amber-colored designs that are made specifically for limiting blue light, offer a practical solution. By blocking or limiting the transmission of blue light, your brain's natural rhythms stay intact. This allows productive melatonin levels to stay high whether the room is dark or light. Studies confirm that the use of sunglasses and amber glasses in front of electronic devices in the evening significantly improves the sleep cycle.
The cheapest, most popular option for amber-colored glasses is UVex which sells online for as little as $6. Wrap-around glasses are also available for those with prescription lens. Most users reported that they barely noticed the glasses presence after some time and experienced an improvement in their sleep cycle. If you use your devices at night, consider investing in these glasses to improve your sleep cycle and protect your eyes for a very reasonable price.

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