Lovin Maui Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses

Lovin Maui Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses

A superb yet practical pairing of updated styling and casual functionality, Lovin Maui sunglasses frames use advanced TR90 nylon polymer material that is lightweight, resistant to cracking and stands well against extreme temperatures. The frames are equipped with impact resistant, polycarbonate polarized lenses which provide 100% UV protection. Protecting your eyes and enhancing your attitude for less than $30 per pair.

Lovin Maui Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses are extremely comfortable due to their light weight TR-90 frames. This truly is quality at its finest! If you have difficulty seeing objects that are close as well as objects that are far, bifocal sunglasses may be the perfect solution. Rather than having to constantly switch out glasses based on whether or not you're trying to read, bifocals contain split lenses that allow for distance vision and reading vision. These bifocals are great for driving, the beach and many more outdoor activities. Get a classic and comfortable look while wearing our Lovin Maui Bifocal Sunglasses

    Features and Benefits

  • The super light TR90 frame: You can hardly feel them on your face, yet they are unbreakable!

  • TR90 frame for the most comfortable fit available today in addition to unparalleled durability.

  • Great fashion frame design for golf, cycling, running, fishing and all active outdoor lifestyles.

  • 100% polarized UV protection lens.


✓ Fashion and stylish design 
✓ Polycarbonate polarized lens help restore true color 
✓ Eliminate reflected and scattered glares 
✓ Works good in wind 
✓ Good for sports, driving or other outdoor activities 
✓ Choose a lens strength that best suits your vision

          Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses

COMPLETE EYE PROTECTION - Glare Eliminating, Polycarbonate Shatterproof Polarized Lenses that Block 100% UVA and UVB Rays for Superior Eye Protection - No more glare that makes it difficult to see. Great for driving, time at the beach, sports, and any other adventure. Blocks the harmful sun's rays from damaging your eyes which can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, cancer, and wrinkles.

  • TR90 FRAMES - Lightweight, Flexible and Durable. Polycarbonate shatterproof nearly invisible line bifocal lenses with lightweight durable frames keeps your eyes safe and relaxed throughout the day.
  • EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT – You will no longer need to carry multiple pairs of glasses around with you. Polarized sunglasses with a nearly invisible line bifocal reader are effortless. They are like 2 pair of glasses in one. It's just that simple!
  • SAVE MONEY – No longer will you need to buy multiple pair of glasses for reading, driving and sun protection. You will be able to do all 3 wearing just one pair of our polarized reading sunglasses.
  • Hard Case Included ($10 value)


    • Avatar
      Phillip Scheck
      Jan 19, 2019

      I was pleasantly surprised on how quickly these polarized bifocal sunglasses were delivered to me. They were also packaged well. The sunglasses themselves are lightweight, comfortable and very clear. I can also read by the pool. The quality is similar to my $300 Maui's. Highly recommend. I purchased mine at Amazon

    • Avatar
      Sunglasses India
      Oct 7, 2019

      Such an amazing information about sunglasses!

    • Avatar
      Nov 27, 2019

      Hi guys, I would recommend a high quality Fashion Sunglasses for Women & Girls which I bought using now with great fun, You can use this Fashion Sunglasses for Fashion party, Driving, Travelling, Hiking, Walking outside and more.

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