Polarized Sunglasses Vs. Dark Lens Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses Vs. Dark Lens Sunglasses
All sunglasses, especially well-made ones, reduce the glare of the sun by half. That’s a given. So what makes owning polarized sunglasses much better?
  1. They can selectively reduce the glare of everything by half. That’s the first and maybe even best advantage polarized sunglasses have over those dark, ordinary sunglasses you often see in stores.
  2. Selectively reducing the glare on everything means you get to see the world around you with greater clarity. You can enjoy a day out on the beach without having to look at everything through dark sunglasses. Eye protection is vital, yes. But it is even more so when it doesn’t compromise or negatively affect your visual clarity.
  3. Greater clarity helps keep you safe because when you see better, you don’t trip over things, like a piece of dark Lego on the stairs out the back porch. But you will if you use dark and ordinary sunglasses.
  4. Greater clarity allows you to appreciate everything you see so much more. If you’re at sea or up on a mountain, you see further into the horizon and that kind of view isn’t just breathtaking, it’s priceless. It’ll be a shame to use dark sunglasses for times like these.
  5. Polarized sunglasses also help you drive safely. When the sun’s glare reflected on the car right in front of you proves too blinding, polarized sunglasses reduce that glare, allowing you to drive safely and without any worries.

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