Where are your Designer Sunglasses Made?

Where are your Designer Sunglasses Made?
Would it surprise you to hear that most of your favorite designer sunglasses are actually all made by the same company? It's true. From Ray Ban to Oakley to D&G to Prada – they're all made by Italian manufacturer Luxottica. So the next time you're comparing the quality of Ray Ban sunglasses to Oakley sunglasses, remember that they were made by the same company, under near identical conditions.
About 70 percent of Luxottica produced sunglasses are manufactured in Italian factories, with the other 30 percent made in China or the United States. But most Luxottica-made sunglasses are done so under license. So while Luxottica might not actually own the sunglasses they make, they work closely with designers from various fashion companies to physically produce their hottest sunglasses. Luxottica does however own a few brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley.
That could certainly make one reconsider their position on “Team Oakley,” although personal preference for a particular design over another is still a valid reason to prefer Oakley over Ray-Ban.
Not only does Luxottica manufacture a huge percentage of designer sunglasses, but they also own some of the stores that sell them to you, like Sunglass Hut, as well LensCrafters and Pearl Vision.
Here's how the situation could play out: you make an appointment with Pearl Vision to see an optometrist to have your eyes checked out. The optometrist recommends a nice pair of prescription designer sunglasses. You then browse Pearl Vision's selection of sunglasses, or maybe you decide to go to the Sunglass Hut instead. The salesperson offers to help you pick out a “quality” pair of designer sunglasses, and you go on your way. You officially partook in a entirely manufactured “competitive” market where all the employees worked for the same company.
There is such thing as a conflict of interest, and this arrangement comes awfully close to crossing that line. How would you feel if your stock broker worked for the same company he wanted you to invest your life savings in?