Choosing the Best Shades for Your Unique Look

Choosing the Best Shades for Your Unique Look
When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses to complete your signature style, the choices can seem overwhelming.  Especially when buying online, picking up the perfect set of shades can be a challenge since you can't really tell what a pair is going to look like on your unique set of features. 
Here are some tips for finding the ideal sunglasses to enhance your look:
  1. Choose a set that has a shape opposite to the shape of your face.  This trick helps to balance features and make your look appear more complete.  For example, if your face is round, choose sunglasses that have a square frame to give you some additional angles.  For heart-shaped faces, a pair of aviators adds some opposing curves to the inward angle from jawbone to chin.  Square-shaped faces smooth out with a cool set of round frames.  The only face shape that can really get away with any style is the oval shape.  The symmetrical features of the oval shape make it versatile and attractive with any lenses.
  1. Make sure the size of the glasses is proportionate to the size of your face. While trends in sunglasses can encourage wearing larger or smaller frames depending on the latest catwalk styles of Fashion Week, for long-term shades success, you want to find a pair that matches your face in size.  If you have a smaller face, a large pair of buggy sunglasses can swallow up your face drawing attention away from the overall polish of your look. Larger faces may appear even larger when played up by small frames. 
  1. Consider your coloring.  Think about coordinating the color of your frames with your skin tone and hair color.  Neutrals like black, tan, tortoise, or gunmetal frames tend to work well with most coloring, but if you want to get creative, consider how well your frames enhance and highlight your natural palette. Brunettes tend to be striking in jewel tones while blondes tend to better with bright colors or pastels.  Red-heads tend to do better with darker colors to off-set fair completion, but be careful with primary colors that can take away from the brilliance of that copper coif.

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