UV Protection: A Fashion Must!

UV Protection: A Fashion Must!
Glitter, rhinestones and big round lenses! There are plenty of high-end fashion statements to be made by donning a pair of classic, sporty or flamboyant sunglasses. The right pair of sunglasses can be sleek, chic and stylish but are they always safe?

Safe from what?

Why, safe from UV rays of course! UV rays can be extremely harmful to eyes. They could cause your risk of developing eye diseases such as cataracts and AMD (Age –related Macular Degeneration) to soar! Not too mention that aggressive exposure to UV rays could even lead to cancer of the eyes and eye lids,

The damage of UV rays starts...softly. The damage may not be remotely noticeable until years later in life as the detriment increases.

This is where the significant of sunglasses make its self apparent. Sunglasses are profoundly important in keeping your eyes safe from disease-causing UV rays and keeping eyes and eyesight in good health.

But here comes the shady part many companies won't tell you! In bright sunlight, the pupils of your eyes immediately shrink to protect themselves from too much UV light (Thanks to natural adaptation!) What happens, though, when you slip on a pair of snazzy sunglasses? The darker light will cause the shrinking of your pupils to reverse and open back up again. Under the shade of sunglasses, your pupils will mostly likely expand from half a millimeter to six millimeters.

If your sunglasses don't have UV protection, UV light will then pore through your completely open pupils.

Not all sunglasses have UV protection! No matter how glamorous, sporty or expensive, a pair of sunglasses with no UV ray protection will not keep you safe from eventually obtaining an eye disease that can lead to blindness.

Since there is no uniform labeling for sunglasses how might one go about choosing effective sunglasses?

Here are some tips!

  • Refrain from purchasing sunglasses on the basis of lens tints (blue blockers etc,.). No matter the color, darker tints will not protect against UV rays unless they have been treated to do so.
  • If you drive around much or are an avid boater try out a pair of polarized lenses, which greatly reduce glare and reflection, making sight clearer and more pleasant.
  • Most importantly, look for UVA-UVB blocking percentage. Seriously, shoot for about 99% to 100%.
  • Lastly, you could try photochromic lenses, these changes automatically when exposed to UV rays from clear to dark.

Be careful! Just because your favorite logo is on the frames does not mean that your eyes are protected. If you are still unsure about a particular pair of trendy lenses, consult your optometrist for advice.

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