Why do Some People Wear Sunglasses Indoors?

Why do Some People Wear Sunglasses Indoors?
It is not unusual to see people wearing sunglasses indoors. While sunglasses are most often worn indoors by celebs, there are many other regular people who also follow the same trend. One may see people with sunglasses in shopping malls, inside the home, at a party, sports arena and even at all night parties. So what is the reason for this habit? Well, the answer to this is multifactorial and may include the following reasons:
Some people may want to disguise their identify. This is common among celebs. Others may want to hide the color or shape of their eyes or cover their face.
Hiding a facial or eye deformity is another reason for wearing sunglasses. Some people may have a black eye for whatever reason and may not want to show it to others.
Gangsters and macho men often wear sunglasses indoors to intimidate others. These individuals feel that sunglasses help them express power over other people by hiding their emotional or physical deficits.
The great majority of people who wear sunglasses indoor believe that it makes the look unique, stylish or gorgeous. There are many department stores who sell sunglasses in various styles and colors that appeal to people who want a sexy and/or stylish look.
Some people believe that sunglasses impart a certain lofty status. For this reason some manufactures of high end sunglasses often adorn the glasses with patterns, logos or distinct emblems.
Finally there are some people who wear sunglasses for medical reasons. The reason is to protect the eyes from bright lights. There is a medical condition called photophobia which basically means painful eyes when exposed to bright lights. These people often develop red eyes and excessive tearing at the same time. There are many causes of photophobia and some of the most common are migraine, dry eyes, anxiety or some type of brain injury. One remedy is to wear sunglasses all the time.
There is no real harm in wearing sunglasses indoors. We live in world where everyone has different tastes and likes. While we may make sarcastic remarks about people who sunglasses indoors, one fact cannot be avoided- they do look cool, sexy and mysterious.

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