3D Printing and Sunglasses

3D Printing and Sunglasses
It's always difficult to find the "perfect pair" of anything, and sunglasses are no different. Ever since the first modern sunglasses rolled out in the 1920s, shoppers have had issues with size and comfort. Lenses have been too small, frames have been too thick, bridges have been too wide, and nose-pads have been too tight. To find anything even close to a perfect pair of sunglasses, shoppers had to visit a store, sort through various frames, and pose in front of mirrors before settling on whatever pair that fit them best.
    Not much has changed in today's market—except it may have gotten worse.
With the rise of the online storefront, shoppers have exchanged physical stores with the Internet. We go to websites, browse through selections, place orders, and cross our fingers hoping that the glasses fit when they arrive. And when they don't, we have to deal with the hassle of returning, reselling, or just throwing them away.
    If any of this sounds familiar to you, you're in luck; because it looks like the emerging                                                   technology of 3D printing is quickly approaching the world of sunglasses.
Companies like Protos, Mykita, and Sneaking Duck all boast algorithms that are able to take information from an individual's face and print the perfect pair of sunglasses—giving shoppers the size, look, and feel that they would otherwise spend years searching for.
But the technology is new, and custom sunglasses aren't cheap. With current frames costing anywhere between $300 and $600, most of these companies aren't ready to market their product to the masses. However, it's only a matter of time before bigger corporations realize the potential of 3D printing and the prices start to drop.
While it's not exactly here yet, it's safe to say that these types of sunglasses are right around the corner. So get ready to throw on that "perfect pair," because 3D printing is making the future bright for shade-enthusiasts everywhere.

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