Element 8 Premium Polarized Sunglasses

Element 8 Premium Polarized Sunglasses
If you spend a lot of time around water and are an outdoors enthusiast, our polarized sunglasses line will reduce glare and harmful UV rays from the sun. Whether you are an advent sailor, fresh water fisherman, cyclist, or snowboarder, comfort and style are the important features you will find when you wear our Element Eight Pro sunglasses.
Element 8's are made with lead-free, phthalate free, and nickel free materials supported by a premium optical quality sport frame. Sport sunglasses are meant to be worn comfortably against our skin. We are more interested in having fun at whatever our chosen sport is and not experience something against our skin that irritates in extreme weather conditions. Unlike competitor’s frames that ride down the bridge of your nose and lose their shape after a few hours of wearing them, our 8005-TURBO Premium sunglasses stay in place during sporting events and are so light you’ll hardly know you’re wearing them! Our 8005-TURBO sport sungasses are designed to become part of your outdoor wardrobe and make your leisure time more enjoyable!
Element 8 sport sunglasses aren’t just another pair of sunglasses that will eventually end up in your sunglasses graveyard or junk drawer. Element 8 sunglasses come in a variety of colors to match your sense of style.

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