Polarized Sunglasses vs Standard Sunglasses, What’s the difference?

Polarized Sunglasses vs Standard Sunglasses, What’s the difference?
Shopping for sunglasses can be a difficult task largely in part due to the fact that there are so many options and styles to choose from. One thing you’ll often see when shopping is that some sunglasses use a polarized light filter. What polarized sunglasses do is they essentially block out light where the waves of light are oriented in one direction. These sunglasses will block out light of anything that is reflected horizontally instead of vertically. Although this may be hard to picture what’s important is that this polarization will reduce the glare from reflective surfaces while still providing the wearer visibility to the things that they need to look at.
This means that if you go to the beach, go fishing, or the pool the glare from the sun on the water will be extremely mitigated. Reflections off the hoods of cars will also be reduced. This makes polarized glasses a good choice for anyone who will be driving on the road frequently or out in the water fishing with friends. However modern day computer screens are at a very similar angle to what polarized lenses will reflect and looking at a screen could definitely become an issue.
However before you go out a buy a pair you may also want to consider how frequently you are going to use these glasses. Polarized glasses do cost a bit more due to the way they are made and if you aren’t looking to wear them all that much, or if you think you will lose them, sticking to tinted shades is the safest option. If you’re going to wear these glasses frequently enough, and are more than willing to spend a little bit more, polarized sunglasses are probably the way to go.


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      Nov 7, 2018

      Hi thank you for your review. What is your preferred lens colors for sunny days and what for early morning light? Thank you Andrea

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