Avoid Misplacing Your Sunglasses

Avoid Misplacing Your Sunglasses
"I ALWAYS lose my sunglasses..."
Does this sound like you? At Mass Vision we understand the frustration that comes from not having sunglasses when you really need them, and we want to help you overcome your bad habit of losing your shades by providing you with new routines.

Tips to Avoid Misplacing Your Sunglasses:

  1. Buy a pair  you can't afford to lose – A lot of people buy inexpensive sunglasses for $5 because of the fear of losing them. However, you are more apt to take care of a pair that you paid more money for. Buy a few good pairs instead of a bunch of really cheap ones.
  2. Find your sunglasses a dwelling – Pick a go-to place that is out of reach of children and/or pets and designate it as the home of your sunglasses. This could be on top of the fridge, in a tray in your car, or on your dresser.
  3. Put your sunglasses with a "partner" – When you're out and about, don't just set your sunglasses down. Make sure when you take them off, you put them with your keys, wallet, purse, cell phone, or something else that you can't leave (wherever you are) without. Remind yourself that your sunglasses are one of those items you can't leave without, too!
  4. Make clipping them a habit – Hang them from a lanyard around your neck, in the collar of your shirt, or on your belt. Pick one place and continue to clip your glasses only in that one place.
  5. There's an app for that – Tzukuri sunglasses  connect via low-energy Bluetooth to an iPhone app, which will let you know if you wander off from your glasses. We expect this to be the future of shades.
Now that you know how to avoid losing your sunglasses – get yourself a new pair, and go "find" some rays!

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