Serve your Existing Clientele and Draw in Newcomers

Serve your Existing Clientele and Draw in Newcomers
When deciding what types of eyewear to stock in your business it’s important to know your current customers and what types of customers you’d like to draw in and keep. Are you a ma and pop outfit with the smell of cedar and humble regulars? Consider looking through the aviators’ section for a more classic style. The goggles section can also serve for people that have an active or outdoors lifestyle. If you have a lot of elderly folks passing through remember that many might have children and grandchildren whom they are eager to shower with gifts! It’s important to diversify and to do so intelligently.
Perhaps one of the most important diversity one can have is different kind of lens shapes. Style is one thing and preferences can be particular to region but the variation of faces, which is common to most places calls for a wide selection of models. Ever wonder why you may love your friend’s shades but they just don’t look right on you? This is why you want to include butterfly, oval, cat-eye, rectangle, round and square. Don’t leave any possible face type out.
If you have a business in a college town or where there are a lot of hip young people that you can’t seem to get in to your store, try throwing a rack of wayfarers or butterfly sunglasses in the window, perhaps look in to Retro Rewind. They may not buy your rugs or fishbowls but getting them in to your store can implant the products you have in their memory, causing them to recall them when someone else is looking for them. Plus, stocking fashionable and reasonably priced eyewear will draw in the weary-eyed students on weekend mornings trying to protect their eyes from the sun after raucous nights.
Know your community and stock accordingly!

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