Men Wear Your Aviators with Confidence

Men Wear Your Aviators with Confidence
Aviators are possibly the manliest, most rugged sunglasses one can find.  It belongs to the great dogfighters of the old wars, the rugged action heroes pre-millennials never heard of, the smooth talkers from California, rockers, and the spies that walk away from explosions.  Originally developed for pilots in 1936, aviator sun glasses have become a classic look for those who are riding the line between suave and gruff.  Once, these glasses protected warriors of the sky, now, they mask legends on a stage or projected on a screen.  Everyone knows the distinct look of aviators because they have been made wildly popular by the likes of Paul McCartney, Tom Cruise and Freddie Mercury, names that even the teenagers know.  So who should be wearing such a highly praised, popular accessory, who retains that honor? Who is allowed to wear this style without the risk of snickers and judgment?
Aviators are a man’s pair of glasses, so it is required that you wear them like a man.  If you aren’t confident, lack facial hair or wear sweatpants every day, aviators are not the classes for you.  That being said, aviators can go with any look besides flip flops.  Seriously, if I see this happening I will personally pay you a visit accompanied by James Bond and the Terminator to break each one of your toes so you can never wear flip flops again.  If you want that kind of casual look go with a style like the clubmaster, aviators are to be taken seriously, they go best with scruff, a suit, and a convertible.  If you can’t follow that basic guideline you will end up looking more tool than badass.
So if you think you have what it takes to pull off the looks of the most classic rock and movie icons of our time then go for it.  As long as you wear this pair of sunglasses with confidence, you can pull it off.  It’s not a requirement that you be famous to wear aviators but if you’re doing it right, then you will look famous.

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