Know Your Customer Know Your Product

Know Your Customer Know Your Product

Mass Vision has a full line of designer sunglasses that are good for a variety of sports and every day activities. Learning about health benefits for wearing top quality sunglasses will increase sales. Some customers may only wear sunglasses to drive but doctors’ recommend wearing them whenever you are out in the sun to prevent eye damage like cataracts and skin cancer. A smaller retailer who knows the health advantages of a good pair of sunglasses can out sell big box stores.

Knowing your customers and what they need will help you choose the best assortment from the Mass Vision styles. If you have a lot of sports enthusiasts, stock lots of wrap-arounds and goggles for example. If you are near a summer resort area, be sure to have a selection of polarized lenses to prevent water glare. For winter vacation spots with skiers and snow boarders be sure to have mirrored styles or grey/brown tinted lenses to cut the extreme light from snow reflection.

Try a variety of fashion sunglasses for both men and women to test the local buying waters. If retailers can ask about how the sunglasses will be used, they can provide the customer service that big box stores can’t provide just by knowing what to recommend. It may also result in multiple sales to the same individual. If a customer needs something for running but something more fashionable for every day wear, explain why wrap-arounds or goggles may work best for running but recommend some of the latest fashion styles as well. Suggest some styles with animal pattern or bright colors for more casual wear and then a different style for dressier events. Becoming familiar with the top quality of Mass Vision's designer sunglasses and why that top quality matters will help smaller retailers to turn a profit.

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