Small Retailers Making Huge Profits with Mass Vision Sunglasses

Small Retailers Making Huge Profits with Mass Vision Sunglasses
The new retail marketplace is wide open for the small business in the U.S., but many are still stuck in doubting they can compete with the Big Box stores or major brands.  The key not only seeing the opportunities, but finding the confidence to jump in and adjust to the new customer centric concepts and focus on new niche products and services with higher profits.
Enter Mass Vision Sunglasses.  Not only does Mass Vision deliver high quality products for the small and independent business owner, but they give their customers a chance to realize profit levels as high as 200% or more.  Sound crazy?  It isn’t. Mass Vision is one of the leaders in sunglass and fashion products, designed specifically for the new digital age consumer. Today the average consumer knows more about the product they are looking to buy, than the
retailer salesperson. Customers can search Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find all the information they need on what they are going to buy. This has changed the playing field for the retail industry and today, the small operator can run head to head with the big guys. HOW, you ask.  Best price for acceptable quality.
At Mass Vision, they know a lot of people are still going to be willing to drop down $200 for a pair of sunglasses that has some brand image packaged with it.  But, reality is for every one of these customers there is 1,000 people who cannot afford that pair of sunglasses, but if they can purchase a product that looks 98% the same without the label and the sunglass feel like a quality sunglass, they are gonna buy.  And, if a retailer, brick & mortar or eCommerce is creative and gives them some options they wouldn’t normally see; “Why pay $200 bucks for a pair of these, when you can purchase 4 DOZEN of ours for $100?”  “Click here to save money.”
The customer revolution in how we purchase today is a new reality and small or new business owners can offer buying options the big guys will not offer, at least not yet.  Be ahead of the shift to selling the digital consumer using innovative and new programs like that offered by Mass Vision Sunglasses.
Making money is why you are in business, these new ways in selling products offer that chance to everyone. 


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      Dec 2, 2014

      So let me see if I understand you correctly. I get four (4) dozen of ANY sunglasses I want for $100.00? Or ? Looking to purchase as soon as possible. Much thanks

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