The Benefits of Different Sunglass Lens Colors

The Benefits of Different Sunglass Lens Colors
There are literally thousands of different types of sunglasses. There’s an option available for everyone from the lens color to the actual way that they stay in place. We typically choose sunglasses based on how they complement our face and whether or not they make us look cool. I was unaware the color of the lens also has an impact the type of protection or benefit that you receive from your sunglasses. Previously I thought the darker the lens and if it says “UV Protection” then I was in the clear. I was wrong. When purchasing a pair of sunglasses there are a few elements you should take into consideration beyond fit. When purchasing sunglasses they should at least say “99-100% UV Absorption” on the label. Next time you buy glasses, take into account what activities you will be performing. Yellow and orange sunglass lenses surpass the other colors in average to low light conditions enhancing depth perception; perfect for snow conditions or indoor sports. Amber, red and rose are also superb choices for low light conditions in addition to heightening visibility where blue or green backgrounds are present; perfect for driving or hiking as well as winter sports. Dark amber, copper and brown block the highest amount of blue light and contain a red element allowing for better depth perception; useful in hunting, baseball and water sports. Green maintains color quality but enhances contrast; perfect anytime, anyplace. Gray darkens without misrepresenting colors in bright conditions; perfect for any sunny day.

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