Men and Sunglass Etiquette

 Men and Sunglass Etiquette
Sunglasses were created for one purpose – to protect your eyes from the sun.  However,  now more than ever, sunglasses are a fashion statement and not just for women, but men as well. The trend for more creative and fashionable sunglasses wear increases each year.
If you want to ensure your professional and fashionable look, be aware of the do's and dont's. Let's explore just a few.  You want to enhance your image not detract from it.
Remove sunglasses when talking business with someone. Talking with other's is the most important thing we do every day – don’t hide your eyes or your emotions behind your sunglasses. The lack of being able to look into another person's eyes directly fosters an air of doubt and mistrust. If you are eating lunch outdoors, then find a shady spot – take off your shades and conduct your business so that you can have direct eye contact.
Ensure that your sunglasses reflect your business side. Those tricked out; polarized Harley sunglasses with the skull and the grim reaper on the side should only be worn while riding your motorcycle on a Saturday Bike Run, not with your business attire. When in doubt, stick to basics rather than be sorry when wearing business attire, even sunglasses.
Sunglasses are “not” a mirror. Do not check yourself “out” in the reflection of the other person’s shades. No primping. It will be obvious.
Sunglasses off indoors, no exceptions unless it is a medical one.  Leaving sunglasses on indoors makes it appear you have something to hide and is considered disrespectful.
If your sunglasses look like they have been run over by a bike and the arms looked like a nervous dog has been chewing on them – chuck them.  Take pride in yourself presentation and your eyewear – make an investment and trash the others in the garbage can.
Sunglasses were not meant to hold your hair back. A violation women usually make – but men with long hair do as well.  Sunglasses are for your eyes; ponytails or barrettes and other accessories are the intended use for your hair. Trust me; resist the urge to use this method.  It is not 1950 – but 2014, and again, your sunglass wear should reflect your personal style and professionalism at all times.
Be practical. Be classic. Be professional. Be fun.  You don’t need 15 pair of sunglasses.  Make a reasonable investment for a nice classic and elegant UV protected pair for business and then splurge for a fun pair to go on your weekend bike rides or trip to the beach or out on the boat.
Be professional. You are not, Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun. Don’t create a barrier with someone you are talking to. Remember, the focus is conversation-not wondering if or what you are hiding behind the shades.

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