Simplifying Your Sunglasses Selection

Simplifying Your Sunglasses Selection
Sunglasses are not an accessory; they are timeless. They never go out of style. Sunglasses are part of our wardrobe, just like shoes. When getting dressed in the morning, we are faced with many decisions. Like second nature, we put on our jeans and t-shirts, or our freshly pressed, button down dress shirts and ties, or our dresses and heels. We determine what colors best match our socks, and what sports bras belong with our work out attire. The final step is- which pair of sunglasses to choose?
In this day and age, there are so many different varieties of sunglasses on the market. One may find it complicated and possibly feel overwhelmed to select what style of shades to pick from. Let’s simplify the process into three easy categories:

1. Casual/Every day Wear
2. Athletic Wear
3. Timeless/ Classic Wear

We will start with casual/every day wear. When you’ve had a late night out and it’s Saturday morning, we grab a shower, throw on our comfy tees and favorite jeans. After pouring that tall mug of coffee, we scramble to find our sunglasses so we can walk outside and face the sun. In this instance, it is best to go with a pair of aviators. has a plethora of different aviator sunglasses to select, all of which are competitively wholesale priced. Aviators are a top seller for more than 25 years. Whether you like the polarized lenses or the mirrored style, you can’t go wrong in your selection.
When we talk about Athletic wear, we are either getting ready to hit the gym to build some muscle, or we are putting on our running shoes and getting ready to pound the pavement. What sunglasses are going to work the best with your gym clothes? Ladies and gents, you cannot go wrong with a pair of wayfarers. It’s pretty simple to grab a black or white pair of these specs and know that they are a go-to with your active lifestyle. In case you’re wondering if it’s ok to keep your sunglasses on in the gym- Absolutely! Wayfaring is absorbing each destination up close, on foot and with friends. Mass Vision has your eyes covered.

The third category, Timeless/Classic Wear, sums up any other confusion of what sunglasses to wear to any place. From driving into the office, going to the dinner party with work colleagues, or traveling to a delightful restaurant and movie, has your eyes. A vintage cat eye style for the ladies is as popular now as when they came onto the fashion scene in the 1950’s. You can purchase multiple colors for every outfit. For the men, classic, rectangular shaped sunglasses are your best bet. Whether you want to go black or brown, you just can’t go wrong with this approach.
What brand of sunglasses are you?

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