Accessories for Sunglasses: The Basics

Accessories for Sunglasses: The Basics
Sunglasses accessories are one of those things: when you have them, you don't even notice. And when you don't have them, you find that you really, really need them. Accessories like cases, cleaning cloths and repair kits are necessary to keep your favorite sunglasses in good condition. 
Cases - While their primary function is protection, they also serve to make an eye-catching fashion statement. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, from moulded cases to soft microfiber pouches, they protect your favorite sunglasses and make them easier to find in handbags and glove compartments. Safeguarding the lenses from scratches and discoloration, they help to keep your sunglasses in top condition and contribute to your comfort and safety.
Cleaning cloths - For those times when your glasses mist over on your morning commute, it helps to have microfiber cleaning cloths handy. These do the job quickly and efficiently, unlike the makeshift alternatives your might find instead, such as paper towels, tissues, and items of clothing. It always helps to keep some in your car, office and handbag. 
Repair kits - A small thing like a broken hinge or screw can make your sunglasses unusable and throw your day off kilter. Finding someone to repair them can turn into a major project. But sunglasses kits allow you to do these simple repairs yourself, so you don't have to go without your glasses for a single day.  
 A small investment in protecting and caring for your sunglasses can go a long way. Accessories help to ensure that you will enjoy using your sunglasses for a long time.

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