Recycling Sunglasses

Recycling Sunglasses
Sunglass styles revolve with the seasons and years. As you browse 2015 sunglasses trends, you
may wonder what to do with your old, slightly scratched, pairs to make room for your new
shades. Will you throw them away or add them to the growing pile of once-trendy glasses lining
the bottom of your junk drawer? Before you do either of these things, read on.
If you have kids, you might consider stowing a pair of old sunglasses in your diaper bag as a
popular and once-forbidden toy. As everyone knows, sunglasses are a mandatory accessory for
spies, so you can also throw a pair or two in the dress-ups box. Goodwill or another charity is
also a quick option for recycling great sunglasses you know you’ll never wear.
If you have a little more time on your hands and like DIY projects, you can check out this link
for instructions on how to turn your old sunglasses into photo frames. A quick Pinterest search
yields more artsy ways to “upcycle” sunglasses including necklaces, dresses, brooches,
headbands, lamps, chandeliers, pendants, wreathes, sculptures, and more. A sunglasses booth
would be a great spot to display these conversation-starting products and may be the incentive a
reluctant customer needs to buy those 2015s.
Before you know it, you may buy sunglasses in bulk just to create art! In any case, before you
consider your next pair of shades, give a bit of thought to the resting place of the once-loved
sunglasses of seasons past.

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