Kids Spiderman Sunglasses

Kids Spiderman Sunglasses
Why do kids love Spiderman sunglasses? Kids love to pretend, to get in character, dress up in costume. They want to become their favorite characters, especially those with superhuman powers. They take their role play very seriously while they are having fun.
What child doesn’t want to fly through the air? Who doesn’t want to catch the bad guy and save the world, be a hero? Children have the most wonderful imaginations! They have the magical ability to make a Batmobile out of a cardboard box, and a light saber out of a wrapping paper tube. When kids put on a pair of bright red webprinted sunglasses …Zap!!! Thwap!!! They turn into Peter Parker putting on his costume, and transform with him into the Amazing Spiderman. In an instant, they can shoot webs a hundred feet. They can swing through the air, climb up the side of skyscrapers on all fours…or all eights…just like a spider. Their imagination soars with ideas for adventure and magic. Their curiosity is awakened. We, as grownups, remember our own dreams about flying through the sky and saving the world, and we love any opportunity, like Halloween, to change our identity, and play again. We all know the wonder of freeing our imaginations to the limitless possibilities, and we all want to give this same magic to our kids.
This kind of role play is so positive for children. They can identify with their own power when they become Spiderman. Kids begin to feel that they can have a positive effect on the world around them, and they discover what it is to cooperate and to help each other. They learn, as Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben stated that “with great power comes great responsibility”. We help our children learn these lessons, through encouraging them to be characters like their “friendly neighborhood Spiderman, and this makes their world a better place to live.
Spiderman sunglasses are as cartoon colorful as Spiderman himself. Their bright red frames are durable and with all that world saving to do, it’s a good thing that the sunglasses are equipped with shatterproof lenses, impenetrable from the Green Goblin or Electro’s dastardly powers. The sunglasses are healthy for kids too! They have UV400 protection from the sun’s rays, keeping children’s spidey vision sharp and ready for action. Anyone with any “spidey sense” knows that these Spiderman sunglasses are just what kids want!


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      Nov 6, 2020

      I was looking for glasses for my little brother when I found this which is great. I want to give him as a gift. I hope he may like it.Anna John.

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