Sunglasses are a Girl’s Best Friend

Sunglasses are a Girl’s Best Friend
A few days back I was planning my friend’s baby shower. Plans were made, invites sent out, banners bought, the cake ordered- we were ready for the big day. Except that we had forgotten one crucial part – the party favors. Oops! Well we still had a couple of days, so we thought and thought. Nothing seemed to fit the bill or budget. Finally we ended up putting a few treats in small bags for favors. The party was awesome, everyone had fun and I was feeling great until it was time to say goodbye. It just didn’t feel right saying thank you with a goody bag. After all this was not a five year old’s birthday party. I longed to see that big smile on the faces of the guests and I knew they wouldn’t be smiling on opening the bag. Oh well…
Why remember all this now? If I had only known of the super awesome DG mix or the ultimate mix, my party would have had a completely different flavor. My guests would have gone home chatting and showing each other their cute party favors. They would have beheld their gifts with delight.
Every woman loves sunglasses. Sunglasses are like shoes, handbags and friends, the more the merrier. You cannot possibly have enough sunglasses. It is the modern dayfashion accessory. A good pair of sunglasses is priceless. They protect your eyes, the delicate tell-tale skin around your eyes, help prevent sun damage and what’s more they make you look and feel glamorous! Consider sunglasses as gifts for your next event, party, birthday celebration and delight your guests. Come rain, shine or snow, sunglasses are a girl’s best friend.

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