Sunglasses – Style vs Substance

Sunglasses – Style vs Substance
Ask anyone what they are looking for in sunglasses, and chances are they will say ‘protection from UV rays’, ‘anti glare’ and all they can think of that will protect their eyes. While ‘style’ may not be the first thing that people mention, it definitely is not the last. Try selling ugly looking sunglasses with the best possible features. The good thing is we don’t really have to go down that road. Getting sunglasses, with style and substance is completely possible.
Sunglasses are important accessories, providing the first glance into a person’s sense of fashion and style. They can make or break that all important first impression. With an array of frames, shapes, colors, sizes, brands available, sunglasses make a statement like no other accessory. Imagine a beach ensemble without a pair of stylish pair! On the other hand their importance when going out in the sun cannot be highlighted enough. They protect our delicate eyes from the harsh sun rays, glare, dust particles and keep them cool. Eyes protected with a good pair of sunglasses are not likely to get tired even after spending an entire day out in the sun.
While style is a complete prerogative of the buyer, things to look out for protecting eyes include intended use (sports, outdoor, sturdy), age of users (children), UV400 protection, quality of glass, time of use, polarized, among many others. Since a number of options are available, buyers can pick and choose as per their requirements and choice. Just be aware of what you need and chances are you will be able to find a pair that will offer both ‘style’ and ‘substance’.

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