Sunglasses for the Baby Boomer

Sunglasses for the Baby Boomer
Think for a moment of a stereotypical goldenager. He is walking along a crowded beach in attire that few younger men would wear in public; black shoes, black socks, plaid Bermuda shorts and a non-matching Hawaiian print shirt. To complete the ensemble are the largest and most unattractive sunglasses you can possibly imagine.
Now consider today’s Baby Boomers and you will quickly revise your impression of typical senior citizens. Baby Boomers represent more than a third of the adult population in the United States, and as they reach their golden years they are as vibrant and yes, as fashion conscious as their children and grandchildren.
Sunglasses for older adults however are not just fashion accessories. As men and women age, it becomes increasingly important to wear protective eyewear, rain or shine. Just as a person’s skin becomes more sensitive as she ages, eyes also become more vulnerable to damage and disease. In fact, exposure to UV radiation can lead to macular degeneration and is also known to contribute to the formation of cataracts.
It is estimated that almost five million adults over 50 suffer from chronic dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome afflicts almost twice as many women as men. Dioptics Medical Products is one of the largest distributors of sunglasses in the world. Their Eyesential line is specifically designed to lock moisture in the eyes, thereby eliminating the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.
With so many stylish sunglass options, today’s seniors can both look sharp and maintain their eye health.

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