The Future’s So Bright, Kids Gotta Wear Shades

The Future’s So Bright, Kids Gotta Wear Shades
Your little ones effortlessly rock the fashion block when they sport a cute pair of shades, but there are medical reasons they should wear sunglasses, too. Apply everything you know about why YOU should wear sunglasses to your children’s eyes, then multiply those reasons by ten to represent their first decade of life. During this time, the lens in the eye is clear, making it easier for the sun to penetrate and cause long-term damage. And, if age and life experience lead to thicker skin, we can say the same about eyes. After age ten the eye’s lens becomes more opaque, which helps protect it. While this science does not show a lesser need for children's sunglasses in later years, it does emphasize how important it is to wear them as young as possible. Your child will reap the benefits later when the risk of cataracts, skin cancers and macular degeneration decrease exponentially.
If you’re having difficulty convincing a young child to wear sunglasses, make sure you and other caregivers model the behavior. You could also enlist the help of a favorite stuffed animal or doll to set a good example. For older children, allow them to choose their own sunglasses, and talk to them about the reasons we should all wear them. If they’re able to comprehend the importance of hand-washing and brushing their teeth, they’re old enough to grasp the value of taking care of their eyes, too.

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