Sunglasses are Just as Important in the Winter Months

Sunglasses are Just as Important in the Winter Months
After summer has ended and winter approaches you might not have sunglasses high on your priority list. But that would be a mistake.
Most people who have been outside or driven in the snow know the intensity of the reflective glare. When there is no snow on the ground, however, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will still cause considerable damage.
Even though the sun’s heat is less intense you are still at risk for cornea damage and skin cancer on the thin, delicate skin around your eye during the winter months. In fact, the different angle the sun takes in winter can actually do more damage to the unprotected eye than it can in summer.
In addition to the damaging rays the winter months will bring cold dry winds. These winds will cause eyes to become dry and itchy. Too much exposure to cold winds can cause more serious problems. Sunglasses offer protection against winter winds as well.
When purchasing your winter sunglasses make sure that the glasses do not fall down the nose. If the glasses are loose-fitting they will allow more harmful UV rays to hit they eyes and surrounding tissue. You should also purchase sunglasses that block 99%+ of both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure to purchases sunglasses large enough to cover your entire eye and surrounding areas to give you maximum protection.

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