Scratch Resistant Sunglasses

Scratch Resistant Sunglasses
So you go out on your favorite beach excursion wearing you favorite sunglasses and then lose your footing accidentally and the glasses slip and fall onto the sand. Agitated, you quickly pick them up and inspect your sunglasses frantically for scratches and just when you are about to heave a sigh of relief, you spot it. There is a scratch line that has marked the heart of your left eyepiece. Now all your “friends” will know that your “so-expensive-glasses” are actually not that expensive. Lucky for you there is hope in the form of scratch resistant glasses. Scratch resistant glasses have a special coating on their lenses that protect them from getting scratched when they fall or when you wipe them with tissue paper. A good example of such sunglasses includes those that have polycarbonate lenses.
Polycarbonate lenses are known to be the toughest and scratch resistant lenses in the market. In fact, they provide 100 percent protection from harmful UV rays and are ten times more impact resistant when compared to glass and plastic lenses. A polycarbonate lens is also very light, “soft” and flexible, which is ironically the reason why it is so strong. This flexibility enables it to absorb energy from an impact without fracturing. They are also a perfect choice for you because a scratch-resistant coating is usually applied on them to make them harder and more impact-resistant.
Despite their hardy nature, they are actually an affordable alternative to normal glass and plastic eyewear. For instance, VertX and Mass Vision sunglasses both have polycarbonate lenses and cost less than $10 per pair. Once you have bought a pair, you can now enjoy the beach and sunbathe without a single worry. Just remember that these glasses are not “stomp-resistant” so store them in a case to protect them from damage from being accidentally stepped on.


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      Aug 24, 2020

      great post about scratch resistant sunglasses. thanks for sharing info.

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      Jul 10, 2021

      Great post and interesting to read about the price

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