Your First Line of Defense Against Cataracts.

Your First Line of Defense Against Cataracts.
“Come closer, I can’t see you properly.” These are common words to people who deal with adults over 60 years. While cataracts are caused by many factors among them diabetes, obesity, family history, and smoking; ultraviolet radiation is one of the causes of cataracts. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the sun and other sources like tanning beds causes the onset of cataracts, something that can be easily avoided by the wearing of sunglasses. Wearing of sunglasses and hats with brims are used to help delay the onset of cataracts.
An important point to note for people looking for sunglasses for UV protection is that dark sunglasses do not necessarily offer UV protection. It is a common assumption that the darker the glass, the better it is at keeping UV radiation at bay. The ability to absorb UV light is enhanced by adding certain chemicals to the material of the lens during the manufacturing process. It is important for anyone going out to buy sunglasses for UV protection to check what percentage of the radiation the sunglass blocks. Also important is the sunglass’s ability to block out enough light (recommended to be between 75%-90%), the best way to test this is to stand in front a mirror, if you can see your eyes clearly through the lenses, they would probably be too light. Head out today to your nearest store and find yourself a pair of sunglasses and be sure to keep cataracts at bay.

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