Finding the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Finding the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape
These days there are literally thousands of styles, brands and colors to choose from when it comes to sunglasses. So how do you find a pair that works best for your face? Here are a few easy steps that can make your hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses a fun and stress-free adventure.   
You want to first determine your face shape, do you have a heart, oval, circular or square shaped face? The best way to figure this out is to grab a mirror and a dry erase marker (or soap works too). Then, pull your hair back from your face and look in the mirror, use the marker to trace the outline of your face onto the mirror, from there you should be able to determine your face shape.  
Once you have determined your shape, you can then start to do some research as to the best frames for you. If you have a heart shaped face, then glasses with frames that are wider on top than they are on the bottom, such as wayfarers, sport, or cat eye glasses, are the best fit for your face. If you have a round shaped face than choose glasses that are oversized or even rectangular. Wayfarers and square frames work best. If you have an oval shaped face than you should choose frames that are round or square. Aviators or the tried and true wayfarers tend to work best. Finally, if you have a square shaped face than you often have a very defined and strong chin and you want to try and soften those edges with round frames or even rimless sunglasses.   
Have fun finding the best frames for you, try on a few different styles and color combinations and there will be no doubt that you will find a great fit for your face.


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      4est Shades
      Mar 4, 2020

      Thanks for sharing this amazing blog with us as we know wooden glasses are now in trend and gives a classy style.Keep growing

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      Mark Ward
      Sep 24, 2020

      Thanks for the blog and the great information about choosing the sunglasses that fit our face shape. Never fails that I like a style and they look terrible when I put them on. There are so many styles and frames now that I want to make sure I enjoy wearing them. Thanks!

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      Global Eyes
      Feb 17, 2022

      very good explanation about finding best sunglasses for face.

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