UV Protection VS Polarized Lenses

UV Protection VS Polarized Lenses
In todays society sunglasses have become more than just a functional tool to protect the eye.  Sunglasses have now become synonymous as a fashion statement and a prominent source of individuality.  Yet, as we browse the infinite styles and brands the sunglass world has to offer.  We should never forget the true purpose behind selecting a pair of sunglasses. The lenses associated with the sunglass of choice, are without a doubt the most important aspect to consider.
Often over looked, the lenses we select for our sunglasses can make all the difference in the world.  Generally there are two types of protection sunglass lenses. First and most common lens choice, is a UV (Ultra Violet) protection lens.  An Ultra Violet protected lens blocks the UV rays admitted from the sun from making direct contact with the eye.  However the light penetration from the sun may still cause a squinting effect on clear sunny days.  This is do to the glare of the sun still penetrating the tint on the lens.  Lenses with a general tint and UV coating are best utilized for minor use outdoors.
Technology has developed a solution to the glare effect experienced when wearing sunglasses on extreme sunny days.  The polarized lens is specific to sunglass lenses only and acts as a deterrent from the glare omitted by the sun. A polarized lens is an optical filter that passes light of a specific polarization and blocks waves of other polarizations. This type of lens is best utilized for outdoor activity and especially any activity near the water.   The reflection from the sun onto the water can be a burden on the eye so polarization is strongly recommended.  When shopping for your next pair of sunglasses, remember to ask your retailer for polarized options. 

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