Best Sunglasses for Ski Season

Best Sunglasses for Ski Season
Gloves, hat, snow pants and skis.... do you really have everything you need?
Before you hit the slopes this winter season, check out our sporty sunglasses collection.
The last thing you need before jumping off the lift is a dangerous and blinding amount of sun keeping you from fully enjoying your venturous escape. 
VertX sunglasses come in various colors and styles. Their sleek look can provide the added fashionable touch to your skiing get-up while also being functional and practical. Their shape helps the sunglasses stay in place, even while whizzing down the mountainside. 
You can find out more about VertX sunglasses here
If they aren't quite your style, there are myriad other choices to explore. 
For instance, if you're looking to keep with modern trends, a sporty pair of aviators could do the trick. These are especially of interest for women, since VertX sunglasses are designed for men. 
The classy looking metal aviators are also intended for sports use and could provide sun protection in the most extreme of situations. 
There are various colors and three gradient lens tints available at great prices, all of which you can view here.

And if mirrored lenses are of importance to you, you can always check out our polarized sunglasses, also specifically designed for sporty usage. 
Six colors are available in this single-piece lens option. 
If you have any questions of concerns, please feel free to contact us toll free at 1 (585) 678 9078 or fill out our contact us form on our web site.

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