The History of Sunglasses, Where it All Began

The History of Sunglasses, Where it All Began
When anyone wears sunglasses, they never give much thought to the history behind them.
First of all, it was during the 12th century when the first pair were made in China. In order to begin producing these glasses, a crude slab of smoked quartz was used and this is what protected the eyes from the bright sunlight. It was back at this point and time that the frames of sunglasses were primitive and only people that were wealthy could wear them, and then, the dar glasses at this point and time did not protect the eyes completely from the sun. So there was no such thing as protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays.
Sunglasses were much improved by the 20th century and were worn by famous people mostly because they needed protection from lights that were too bright in the studios. Then as the year of 1929 came along, Sam Foster was a big name in the industry for sunglasses since he not only produced his brand of sunglasses in large quantities, but he was the creator of his own large company, namely "Foster Grant of Atlantic City." He began actually selling his glasses in 1929 in Atlantic City on the Boardwalk. And in 1930, Foster Grant Sunglasses was a big name.
Somewhere in the 1930's the optical firm, known as Bausch & Lomb were commissioned by the Army Air Corps to create glasses that were effective when the eyes were exposed to the glaring lights of the sun. These glasses had a special green tint that protected the eyes from damages.
The glasses that really made to be protective were created by Edwin Land in 1936. These sunglasses were made with UV rays protection from the harmful rays by the sun. Edwin Land is also the person who began the Polaroid Corporation during this time.
Ray-Ban Sunglasses came along in 1936 which used a special lens that was polarized and created by Edwin Land. These glasses became available in the next year, and by then was put on the market for people to purchase.
And finally, sunglasses in the 1960's and beyond became very stylish, and they only became more popular in the 1970's when many famous Hollywood stars wore them.

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