Scratch Resistant Sunglasses

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Polycarbonate lenses are known to be the toughest and scratch resistant lenses in the market. In fact, they provide 100 percent protection from harmful UV rays and are ten times more impact resistant when compared to glass and plastic lenses.
An important point to note for people looking for sunglasses for UV protection is that dark sunglasses do not necessarily offer UV protection. It is a common assumption that the darker the glass, the better it is at keeping UV radiation at bay.
These days there are literally thousands of styles, brands and colors to choose from when it comes to sunglasses. So how do you find a pair that works best for your face? Here are a few easy steps that can make your hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses a fun and stress-free adventure.

Darker is not Always Better

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Just because a sunglasses lens is dark in color does not necessarily mean that it was designed to filter out a higher degree of ultraviolet radiation.
Generally there are two types of protection sunglass lenses. First and most common lens choice, is a UV (Ultra Violet) protection lens.
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